we provide our expertise in the making of

Luxury watches for over 40 leading brands.


Using gemstones to elevate and inspire the luxury watch industry through Swiss excellence.

Design + Creative Studio.

We offer a full design service from initial sketch to finished product.


We can provide this service for serial production or for a fully customised watch, both with the same dedication to quality, luxury and excellence.


Whatever the technique or setting you can be sure that Salanitro has mastered and excelled at it over many years of practice and dedication.

Gemstones are our passion, our essence and our inspiration.

All that glitters.

At Salanitro we have diamonds for DNA, rubies running through our veins and emeralds for eyes...

That is to say, precious stones are what we do, who we are and where we began.

We can set almost anything with gemstones to imbue it with a grace, elegance and luxury that is unrivalled within our industry.